Oct. 21st, 2016

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One of my coworkers brought in some fund-raising candy bars. You know, the boxes of chocolate-covered almonds that go for three bucks a box. There was half a dozen of them on the counter in our kitchen, along with a tip box for donations. This went on for several days. Every time I went into the kitchen, those six boxes of almonds sat there.

"Jeebus, my coworkers are a cheap bunch. I'd totally buy a box of chocolates, if I weren't being a good boy on Weight Watchers."

This morning when I came in, I saw the same tableau, as it had been for three days.

"Screw it", I said. I fished out twenty bucks, dumped it in the tip box, then proceeded to empty all six boxes into a large bowl, leaving it on the counter so people could help themselves. I went to my office feeling pretty good about that.

Later that morning, I walk into the kitchen to find that people had indeed helped themselves to the chocolates in the bowl. I also saw that all of the original boxes had been replaced with new boxes. The coworker apparently had more than the original six boxes, and was topping up the supply in the kitchen as needed. For all I know, he'd been selling them steady all week, and didn't need my help. D'oh!

Oh well, it's fundraising, and the almonds were enjoyed.


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