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I was out at the Calgary Farmers' Market yesterday with some friends, and I noticed when you walked into the NE entrance, there's a store off to the side selling a lot of tweed-based men's wear (according to the market's map, it's not actually a part of the market). They also appeared to be selling some random Christmas stuff in the White Christmas Village mode. Among the things they had was a mailbox.

Here's the thing though, it looked like the mailboxes that Canada Post uses in historical neighbourhoods. I.e. anachronistic, but still real. I had some postcards that I needed to drop, so I tossed them in the slot.

[livejournal.com profile] thebrucie watched this and said, "I don't think this is a real mailbox."

We look closer and at the bottom, below the very Canada Post-like list of pickup times, was a website URL (which I didn't commit to memory) indicating they make models, and that this wasn't real.

Once we realized this, there was some good nature ribbing about my throwing a pair of post cards away by accident. In my defence, it really did look real, and the store had placed this model in the lobby, rather than inside their store.

I tried to open it and failed, so I went into the store looking for an employee.

"How may I help you sir?"
"Do you guys own this mailbox?"
"Yes, we do."
"Well, I mistook it for a real one, and I need you to unlock it so I can grab the mail I just threw in by accident."
The fellow also tries to open it, initially failing. He then confessed that he wasn't sure if there was a key for the lock. He fiddled with it a little more and finally the door popped open. It wasn't locked (the keyhole was just for show), the magnet that held the door shut was just really powerful.

There, at the top of a pile of other mail, were my two postcards. I grabbed them and thanked the guy for his help. I left to walk into the market proper, looking back briefly to see the guy holding a big wad of mail in his hands and an expression of now-what-do-I-do on his face. I'm just happy I wasn't the only one who had done this. I do wonder how long that faux mailbox was sitting there though. It looked like at least twenty letters - all waiting patiently for a postie who was never going to come.

You'll be happy to know (especially if your name is Sue or Jenny) that the postcards made their way into a proper mailbox later that day.

*** One Week Later***

I wonder how much mail they found.
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