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Nov. 9th, 2016 07:38 pm
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While I was in Vancouver, [ profile] othelianna showed me this awesome thrift store frequented by assorted props people. That being the case, it had some great finds. Hell, I could have bought a stuffed Cheetah.

One of the things I walked out with was a little ceramic booze bottle I've decided to add my collection:
Not a stuffed cheetah, because cheetahs never prosper

Naturally, the whisky is long gone (in the hands of props folk, this is to be expected). But I don't like having empty bottles in my collection, so I figured I'd just go to the liquor store and pick up a full-sized bottle of The Monarch and decant a bit of it into the little bottle. Turns out, that's a lot easier said than done, and discovering that lead me down a fascinating rabbit hole.

First, the Lambert Brothers were whisky merchants in Edinburgh from 1849 to 1993, actually incorporating in 1958. I'm not sure if they just had a liquor store, or if they were some kind of middlemen for the whisky trade. Given they had several varieties of blended whisky, I lean to the latter.

Despite not being around for over twenty years, you can still get full bottles of The Monarch. I saw two recent auctions where a full bottle went for £65, and $49 USD. If I really wanted one, I could get it, though this would mean sticking my toe into the world of liquor auctions.

I'm not really into devoting that much time to this. I might, if I were a whisky drinker, but I really lack the palette for that. I'll stick to rum.

So I figured I'd just buy a bottle of blended whisky. Only constraint: It had to be Scotch, and it had to be blended. I opted for a Dewar's White Label. Later, when doing more research, I found out that Dewar's (actually, Bacardi, who own the Dewar's brand), had a blended scotch called... The Monarch. The difference appears to be 3% and twice the money. So I have a whisky for the bottle. Not the whisky, or a namesake whisky, just a whisky.

About that bottle. It's a gorgeous single serving (or maybe two, it's in the neighbourhood of 50ml) stonewear bottle. And I found out that if you have one in perfect condition, you can sell it for £45! Taking a close look at mine, it's not perfect, but it is very nice. There's a fine lattice of tiny cracks in the enamel. Not that I plan on selling mine
- really, I just want to display it, and I feel that it should be displayed with booze in it.

Having acquired the bottle and the booze, I just need to decant some whisky - and maybe taste test it. ;) Last obstacle is the cork, which has dried up over the years (though it has a nice caramel scent to it). It's soaking in some hot water, and I'll see if it makes a seal tomorrow morning. Once it can, I'll be done.
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