Mate Bike: First Thoughts

Sep. 9th, 2017 05:28 pm
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 After months of waiting, and a week of UPS farting around, I finally have my Mate Bike assembled. Battery had enough of a charge for me to ride it around the block before it died, and now it's charging in the garage.

I still need to adjust the front brakes (they're dragging a little), and the derailer (it can't quite stay in 1st gear). But those are things that could happen to any bike. If I can't manage these given my usual level of mechanical aptitude, I'll take it down to Bow cycle. Hopefully, that won't be necessary.

Specification-wise, it's more powerful, and has a much larger battery capacity than my Flykly Smartwheel, which makes sense, since they didn't have to squeeze everything into the rear axle.

Ergonomically, it's nowhere near as comfortable as my Electra. The handlebars are too narrow, and the pedals have a smaller diameter, so you have to pedal more. Also, they don't feel right, but that might just be a matter of seat height. I set the height of the seat and handlebars to match my Electra, but that doesn't mean the distance to the pedals is the same. I may have to haul out the measuring tape.

I haven't folded yet, but I'm confident it will fit in the trunk of the car, so this will go on trips with me. Now I just need a car that has a power plug in the trunk.

I probably won't use this for my daily commute, but it will get used. Next big test will be to see what it's range is when hauling my Shrek-like frame around.


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