Jan. 20th, 2017 11:47 am
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Donald Trump is a loser.

  • He lost the popular vote by almost three million people. Loser.
  • He only "won" the electoral vote because Russia and the FBI threw it for him. People who "win" by cheating? Losers.
  • Bankrupted several times. Loser.
  • Can't run a profitable casino. Loser.
  • Brags about assaulting women. Loser.
  • Doesn't pay his fair share of taxes. Loser.
  • All of his business ventures resemble grift more than they do actual businesses. Loser.
  • Is so thin-skinned, he can't stand being satirized on TV that he has to attack them on Twitter. Loser.
  • Won't release his tax forms, probably because he's afraid that people will see he doesn't have as much money as he claims. Loser.
  • Has so few friends, he doesn't know enough people to fill all the federal government positions he needs to. Loser.
Going forward, I think the best protest strategy is to call him a loser. All. The. Time.

Every protest, chants of "LOSER". Every sign, a picture of Trump labelled "LOSER". Everyone interviewed on the media should make a point of calling him a loser. Repeat it over and over until it sticks - until his name is synonymous with loser.

And don't try to explain it - don't give reasons for why he's a loser. Don't give him something to argue against. "Well, he's a loser because of X, Y, Z. Nope. He's just a loser.

He will lose his fucking shit. Because the overriding trait of Trump's psyche is that there are winners and losers, and he wants to believe he's a winner. Don't let him think that. Remind him that he's a loser from now until he vanishes from the public eye. Every protest. Every Op/ed piece in the news. Every time he has to meet someone who's not one of his sycophants. I want to hear all the Democrats in Congress chanting "loser". I want him to meet Angela Merkel at the G7 and have her whisper "Verlierer" in his ear.

At first, he'll respond like a grade-school kid. "I'm not the loser, you're the loser."

Next, he'll try to ignore it, while still responding to it. "People are still calling me loser. Pathetic."

Eventually, he'll try to shield himself from the relentlessness of it. He will not succeed if everyone who opposes him sticks to this.

Trump should exit office (hopefully sooner, with criminal charges pending) thinking that running for President was the worst mistake of his life. Because he became President, and he's still just a loser.

Anyway, that's just my thoughts on President Trump. I've got another post brewing over dealing with Republicans in general.
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