Sep. 1st, 2016

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It's funny how things set in your mind as a kid. To me, September 1st is the true beginning of the year, because that's the first day of school. Now, I've been at my current job as long as I was ever in school (and this isn't my first job after graduating), but it still feels that way.

So this is a day for new beginnings. first new beginning is something I've been putting off for months - I'm back on Weight Watchers. Sadly, that meant exposing my brain to the depression-inducing value that is my current weight. I've literally been avoiding this for that reason. well the verdict is in, I'm 17 pounds above "monster" and 8 pounds short of "jump off a bridge". Since suicide is not on my agenda, and not being a monster is, I guess that means I have to buckle down. And I'll do it right, since I've been half-assing it even when I was getting weighed in (I haven't sat through a meeting in years - pretty much since they shut down the early one that my favourite leader was at. I'm at my second favourite leader's meeting now.

Is there anything else I can start? Running, but that's not going to be until I can consistently walk 5K without any Plantar's pain. I can walk to work, and that's 3.5K, so I'm very nearly there. It will be nice to run again. The last time was last October. In Portland.

Unfucking my habitat is a perennial goal, which I'll be revisiting.

I think what I might do is go back to my letter grades.

Oh, and being less negative. The hard part here is that often means being less negative out loud, when it really should be at all. Still, I hope you all are a little forgiving on that front, since not beating myself up is actually really difficult.

Anyway, raise a glass to new beginnings.


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