Aug. 20th, 2016

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My bike developed a flat on the way to work last week. This was the first time I'd used it since my trip. Managed to get halfway to work, then ended up walking the bike all the way back, and doing so angry because Shell has the poor taste to charge for air while simultaneously not having an air gauge you can borrow.

But I digress.

I wanted to switch the bike back to the original configuration without the Flykly Smart Wheel. I took it down to Bow Cycle and the charges kept adding up and up. By the time I'd left it with them, I was looking at $120 and not being too happy about it. Not necessarily rational, since I don't think they were ripping me off or anything. I just wasn't sure the bike was worth it.

They phoned me yesterday to say that they couldn't swap the original gear bak without a new, longer chain, and that that was going to cost another $40. I did a quick mental calculation and realized that the labour costs were now more than half the cost of an identical brand-new bike.

"Skip it. Just put the rear cargo rack on."

This morning, I got Gerry to drive me down to the shop so I could ride the bike back home, and he could take all the spare parts back in his car. It was a nice ride home. As predicted, I still had to push the bike up Home Road.

Will I get a second bike? Maybe next year. If I decide to get rid of the Flykly wheel, I'll just do it with a bike attached to it. In the meantime, it gets the commuting job done.

They only charged me $15 total for putting the rear rack on. Still, the only reason i had them do it was because I thought it required taking the rear wheel off. apparently, the Electra bikes already have points to attach a rack, and all you really need is a wrench and twenty minutes of time. I'd have known that if I'd bothered to read the instructions. Oh well, $15 was probably better than several months worth of procrastination.

And the flat rear tire? Apparently there was nothing wrong with it, and it held full pressure for the whole trip.


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