Dec. 27th, 2007

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I had disturbing dreams about old enemies last night. I blame facebook. Checking out friends-of-friends exposed me to a lot of names of people I'd rather not know about.

The dreams themselves point to numerous unresolved issues. Realistically, they're issues that simply cannot be resolved. Which means I have to put them behind me somehow. As with childhood trauma, it's not something I'm particularly good at.

Also, I'm debating who to request connections with. I'm more then a little anxious about rejection, which is faintly ridiculous given that these people are ones I'm unlikely to ever see face to face again.

Damn you social phobia.
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Some observations:

1) Navigation is really stupid. I was supremely frustrated yesterday after getting my account because I kept getting these "so-and-so updated how they met you" messages. I had no idea how to check this information. People where talking about me and I didn't know what they were saying. It was driving me completely bugfuck-insane.

Someone I know (who doesn't want their LJ identity linked to their FB identity, which is why they're not being named) was kind enough to tell me how to check this after I had a whirling-dervish of a rant on our chat program.

2) I've found most of the people from my Wild-in-Scotland tour. Debating whether to friend them or not. Probably I will after rereading the assorted entries to make sure I don't inadvertently say something stupid about them.

3) Either FB is down this afternoon, or the site is blocked from work. Being blocked from work might mean I don't get fired for surfing it constantly. Anything that keeps me from getting fired is probably a good thing.

4) It was a little alarming getting a friend-request from someone who's real name I didn't know. At first I thought "swell, there's cam whores on FB." Then I saw the picture and realized it was someone perfectly normal looking. Looking at the geographical location I realized it was [ profile] ladyerwyn! I'm sorry I thought you were a cam whore. Also sorry I called you "normal looking".


Dec. 27th, 2007 10:14 pm
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I've been saying for years that I've been aging backwards. Here's the proof. The first picture (in black and white) is me from ten years ago, when I first started at my current company. The second (in colour) is the updated picture we took last year. Damn, I'm looking good. Of course that was at about my all-time lowest weight.
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Speaking about weight, I went to weight watchers (one of the few who did, there was hardly anyone there tonight. Chickens) and discovered that Christmas really nailed me. I'm quite a bit up again.

Rather then bitch and moan like I usually do, I'm simply going to redouble my efforts. You can all give me a hand too. I'm looking for suggestions of short term rewards I can give myself for when I hit 50, 55, 60, 65 and 70 down (my goal weight-loss).

My biggest "sin" in the weight gain department is finger food at parties and gaming and such. I find I simply cannot resist it. One or two cookies soon grow to ten or twenty and I balloon out again. If I'm in that sort of situation, feel free to remind me to STOP and THINK about what I'm doing. If I get pissy, remind me that I asked for this.

Looking at the "recent" picture I realize I have to get my hair cut.
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Well I just attempted to add assorted folks from my Scotland tour to my facebook. We'll see how that goes.

In other news: SQUEE!


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