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One of my coworkers brought in some fund-raising candy bars. You know, the boxes of chocolate-covered almonds that go for three bucks a box. There was half a dozen of them on the counter in our kitchen, along with a tip box for donations. This went on for several days. Every time I went into the kitchen, those six boxes of almonds sat there.

"Jeebus, my coworkers are a cheap bunch. I'd totally buy a box of chocolates, if I weren't being a good boy on Weight Watchers."

This morning when I came in, I saw the same tableau, as it had been for three days.

"Screw it", I said. I fished out twenty bucks, dumped it in the tip box, then proceeded to empty all six boxes into a large bowl, leaving it on the counter so people could help themselves. I went to my office feeling pretty good about that.

Later that morning, I walk into the kitchen to find that people had indeed helped themselves to the chocolates in the bowl. I also saw that all of the original boxes had been replaced with new boxes. The coworker apparently had more than the original six boxes, and was topping up the supply in the kitchen as needed. For all I know, he'd been selling them steady all week, and didn't need my help. D'oh!

Oh well, it's fundraising, and the almonds were enjoyed.
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It's funny how things set in your mind as a kid. To me, September 1st is the true beginning of the year, because that's the first day of school. Now, I've been at my current job as long as I was ever in school (and this isn't my first job after graduating), but it still feels that way.

So this is a day for new beginnings. first new beginning is something I've been putting off for months - I'm back on Weight Watchers. Sadly, that meant exposing my brain to the depression-inducing value that is my current weight. I've literally been avoiding this for that reason. well the verdict is in, I'm 17 pounds above "monster" and 8 pounds short of "jump off a bridge". Since suicide is not on my agenda, and not being a monster is, I guess that means I have to buckle down. And I'll do it right, since I've been half-assing it even when I was getting weighed in (I haven't sat through a meeting in years - pretty much since they shut down the early one that my favourite leader was at. I'm at my second favourite leader's meeting now.

Is there anything else I can start? Running, but that's not going to be until I can consistently walk 5K without any Plantar's pain. I can walk to work, and that's 3.5K, so I'm very nearly there. It will be nice to run again. The last time was last October. In Portland.

Unfucking my habitat is a perennial goal, which I'll be revisiting.

I think what I might do is go back to my letter grades.

Oh, and being less negative. The hard part here is that often means being less negative out loud, when it really should be at all. Still, I hope you all are a little forgiving on that front, since not beating myself up is actually really difficult.

Anyway, raise a glass to new beginnings.

Fat. Again.

Nov. 5th, 2015 11:04 am
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I haven't been to Weight Watchers in months - my last weigh-in was on August 20th. Today I finally broke down and went. Mostly this is because I've been journalling off and on due to my 100 days of adulting challenge. Time to go the next step and actually start tracking things, right?

Except I knew that it was going to be bad. I have a scale. Even without a scale I knew things were bad. I feel awful all the time. None of my clothes fit me, so I ended up buying a bunch of new clothes that were all bigger. I'm starting to get medical problems due to my weight - my blood pressure is too high and I'm on anti-cholesterol pills. My joints are at the point where the one exercise I enjoy, I can't actually do, which reinforces the problem. Hell, I can't even suck in my gut anymore.

So I knew it was bad. I figured I was somewhere around 260. 260 is way way too high. Turns out I was wrong. I'm 267.

Here are some reference weights.

  1. Goal Weight according to WW and medical science.
  2. Weight at which women are willing to touch me. I'd be fucking ecstatic to be at 220, even though it's technically still overweight.
  3. Weight at which the BMI tips me from being overweight to obese. Anybody who decides the most helpful thing they can do is be skeptical about the BMI will have their comments removed.
  4. Weight at which I start thinking I'm a fucking monster.
  5. Highest weight I've ever been.
  6. The point where I might as well just eat a bullet.
So let's recap. At 267 I am currently closer to eat a bullet than I am to merely being a fucking monster.

I am so goddamn tired of this. I'm tired of being disgusted every time I look in a mirror. I'm tired of having a body that won't do what I want it to. I'm tired of feeling like I'm trapped on a speeding train to the living hell my father endured his last years. I'm tired of a life defined by crushing loneliness punctuated with momentary distractions that keep me going.

I am so unbelievably angry at myself for this. And I'm frustrated over how helpless I am to do anything about this. About the weight. About the myriad ways my weight has ruined my life. About my utter inability to lose weight, despite having all the tools at hand.

Well, I could double, triple, quadruple the length of this post, simply by outlining everything I hate about being an obese monster, but I think you all get the picture. Guess I'd better get back on that fucking wagon, since writing isn't going to lose me any weight.
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I rejoined Weight Watchers a few weeks ago. Well, technically I never quit, I just skipped going to meetings for several months. Anyway, I knew I was up a lot but I also knew that if I looked at the numbers, I'd get depressed (I make despairing remarks about my weight all the time, but getting slapped in the face with the facts always crushes me). So I resolved to go, and to just have them tell me if I was up or down. Provided I was constantly going down in weight, I could feel good about myself without having to see how Jabba-like I've become.

This worked until this week, when - out of the corner of my eye - I saw that they added a star to my weight record. So I looked. I'm down five pounds since returning. Yay me! Except, I'm down to 255.5, which means I was actually ten pounds heavier when I restarted than I thought I was. I'm currently five pounds higher than my estimate. Boo!

So I'm not sure how to feel about all that. It's a little like running for an hour only to reach the starting gate. Sure, it's an accomplishment, but it sure is discouraging.

In other fitness news, I've decided to do the Victoria half-marathon again. Given how close it is in time and proximity to this fall's trip to Leavenworth, I think it's a reasonable goal. Plus, thirty weeks of training for a half-marathon can't help but bring me down to where I can believe someone would find me attractive.

Incidentally, my lowest adult weight was when I went to the UK eight years ago. I've been steadily gaining since then. Maybe when I go to the UK five weeks from now, I'll find where I lost my fitness mojo and bring it back to Canada with me.
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Despite a very expensive upcoming trip to Las Vegas, I decided to take a quickie vacation to Vancouver. This was my reward for losing ten pounds in Weight Watchers since the beginning of the year (I'm now at the lowest I've been in 2011/2012, not that that is a high bar).

Lots of pictures included, hence the cut... )
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I'm down 6.9 pounds, which almost gets me down to the weight I mistakenly thought I was before rejoining WW. 260.4 - I really should give myself some kind of treat when I cross over to 260 (and 250, and 240, etc.). As long as that treat isn't food, I should be OK.

I'm still mildly depressed. This is more due to a lack of triggering events then to anything positive on my part. You can tell that by the way I downplay my weight loss. 20 people "liked" it on FB (which is some kind of record for me), but I still look at it as a sort of failure. Like blowing up the house then congratulating myself on subsequently sweeping debris off the sidewalk. Still, this weight loss seems to be easy so long as I stick to the plan.

The plan? Journal; keep the junk food to a minimum; Minimal carbs for supper; Two pieces of fruit a day; cook a proper meal on any evening I'm home, rather then eat out or have prepared food; get back into running. Pretty much the only thing I haven't done is the exercising, and I really have no excuse - the cold snap ended weeks ago and we've had unseasonably warm and dry weather. No reason not to run, so I should get to it.

I have been walking to work though, which is good, if somewhat lighter exercise and also good for my mental health.

So the mental health has been improving even though it's still not very good. I'll be better when I'm running regular and the annual BTVDSS is over (only two more weeks!). Also when I'm down enough pounds that I can believe women will actually not be repulsed by me.

Just stick to it Cyr - that's all you have to do.

In minor mental health adjustments, me and some friends have actually booked a trip to Vegas. More details on that in another post though.

Long term, I need to find a group to volunteer with. Looking back on my life, the times when I've gained friends have all been times when I've had an actual job in some nerdy group (Fandom, EQ, SCA). I gain a lot of social capital doing that (plus it's fun). When I don't do it, I tend to retract back into myself and the friendships evaporate away. I'm seeing that with the SCA since so many people in that group tend to socialize only within that group (which says more for how time consuming the SCA can be rather than the people in it).

I could start volunteering in the SCA again, but ever since the bank account debacle, I frankly don't want to volunteer in any sort of organizational capacity in a group that I disagree with on basic policy. I might run an event in the future, but at a minimum, I want the Baronial Seneschal standing between me and anyone higher up. It would take someone awfully special to convince me to actually be Seneschal again, and I'd have to be loyal to that person outside the SCA to consider it. Beothuk and Wilma for example, if they couldn't find anyone else. Thankfully they did.

Anyway, the easiest way for me to meet new people in the SCA would be to volunteer again, but what's the point? Maybe I'll reconsider local amateur theatre. Organizing isn't sexy, but it is a skill that I can bring to the table.

Sigh. The things an asocial introvert has to do to keep loneliness at bay. Maybe I'll dig up that rapier mask I bought and try it out.
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A study of the old Weight Watchers program and the newer Points Plus system suggests that there is no difference between the two. What the points represent doesn't matter as long as people track them and the numbers correspond to healthy portions for the day.

Which goes into my theory that Weight Watchers is more successful than most diet plans because it promotes healthy eating, tracking/portion control and cognitive therapy techniques; not because the math is better.

The post above does point out in an oblique way that the new system may be psychologically better (Fruits and most non-starchy vegetables are now free), but there is no intrinsic advantage to tracking carbs/protein/fat vs tracking calories/fat.

Meanwhile it continues to work for me based mostly on the fact that I can use my phone to track now. I always have my phone on me so I haven't missed tracking a day in over a month now. I haven't been this diligent since the first time I joined (and lost 60 pounds).
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For my fellow Weight Watcher (and like-minded) folk:
The Vancouver Sun "Fatabase" was compiled with the online nutritional information of 65 chain restaurants represented in British Columbia.

Another 50 chains with a presence in BC were not included, either because they don't provide nutritional information to customers online, the information was presented in a format that made it difficult for us to include, or because the company in question has no online presence to speak of.

Some of those companies gave good reasons why they don't offer nutritional information - or were at least honest about it.


Memphis Blues BBQ House doesn't provide nutritional information, but told us that's because "nobody in their right mind would consider barbeque as diet food."
Source. The Fatabase is just the thing for calculating PointsPlus values. I love me some Memphis Blues (or the Calgary equivalent, Big T's), but they have a point - it ain't diet food.

The list is woefully incomplete mostly due to the fact that business won't do anything unrelated to a profit motive unless government puts a gun to its head. Barring some regulation requiring chains to provide this info, the best thing would be for someplace like Weight Watchers to lean on them. After all, places with nutritional information will have an advantage over those that do not. I imagine that's the rational for the companies that did provide the information.

Another interesting thing that the article points out? About half the fast-food vendors in any particular Canadian mall are actually owned by one company.
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Another year has come and gone and I think, with hindsight, that it was a good one. Not a great year mind you, but certainly a serviceable one.

What would have made it better was achieving either of my two perennial goals. This didn't happen. However, I did succeed in not worrying about this quite so much. I caught a small amount of shit for this though because it's unacceptable in this culture to have anything but a full out, balls-to-the-walls, positive attitude.

Anyway, I'm over half-way through the Birthday-to-Valentine's-Suicide-Season without any depressive incidents (knock on wood), despite the fact that my physical, emotional and social shortcomings have not gone away.

So I'll continue to work at losing weight and hoping for a relationship to magically appear. Meanwhile I'll continue working on accepting that it's not going to happen. If acceptance means less depressive incidents, it will be well worth it. Doesn't mean I'm going to give up - the journey is the point after all, and what else am I doing with my time between now and death? Do more things to enjoy myself now, instead of waiting for a partner that will never come.

Weight-loss is the part I have control over anyway, and the benefits only go up with age. I've reached a point where my weight is starting to affect my health (I suspect I have obesity-induced high-blood pressure and sleep-apnea). I'm back on the Weight Watchers wagon, but it doesn't seem too onerous - I just have to get in the habit of eating my fruits and veggies.

January was spent preparing for the Estrella road-trip.

Februarywas the trip to Estrella and Las Vegas. The highlight of that was really the road-trip. It's always nice to find that there are people you can spend 60 hours in a car with and not want to throttle them. Plus the big SCA war and Vegas debauchery was fun.

March, April and May were fairly routine. I went to some plays, watched a few movies, hung out with friends. I made an entry that hit over 90 comments, which is a record from my LJ.

June was witness to one of the best and worst SCA events I ever attended - and it was the same event. Coronet was epic and underlined everything I like about the SCA. The Curia meeting that followed underlined everything I dislike about how the SCA operates. It was so bad it made me take a break from service for several months. I feel a little bad about that because I agreed to be on K and [livejournal.com profile] mommaquilter's retinue, but then proceeded to do absolutely SFA. I'm hoping to give them a hand at Estrella this year to make up for it. I still stand by my assertions about the SCA bureaucracy however.

Also in June was AT War, which is fun, but too short to go to unless you do what I do - combine it with a mundane trip to Vancouver!

July was my trip to the East Coast (Halifax and St. John's) for H&B's wedding. The company was good and I got to see lots of cools stuff I'd have had a hard time getting around to without the excuse of a wedding. I ran to the top of Signal Hill, which I feel deserves more recognition. If you've ever walked up Signal Hill, you'll know why. Next time, more days in Halifax and less in St. John's.

August started off with Quad War, which was fun. Later SCA stuff in the month showed that I was still irritated by it.

September involved a lot of introspection and cat shit - thankfully not simultaneously. Also learned what not to do to my brain chemistry.

October had a variety of small events: I ran a half-marathon in Victoria, had Thanksgiving dinner with my Vancouver peeps, Calgary got a new Mayor and [livejournal.com profile] othelianna had her once-a-year party.

November was my birthday trip to Las Vegas - it was so much fun I'm already planning my next trip out (probably a week or two after Victoria Day, in case anyone's interested).

December was mostly about the holidays.

Goals for the New Year:
  • Eat better and exercise more - test this by posting a better time in this year's RV½M.
  • Estrella War.
  • Go to Cancun for [livejournal.com profile] naughtynat07 and [livejournal.com profile] thekillerb69's wedding.
  • Attend [livejournal.com profile] conejita_diabla and [livejournal.com profile] thebrucie's wedding and be as helpful as possible seeing as how I'm in the wedding party.
  • A return trip to Las Vegas.
  • AT war and a summer visit to Vancouver.
  • Other SCA events to include: Anything in Montengarde or Bitter End, Quad War, Whipping Winds. Be generally helpful at them. Avoid Curia at all costs lest it spoil another six months of fun.
  • A half-marathon in Las Vegas?
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Up one pound this week. I blame all the Christmas baking I did (and all the cookies I crammed into my pie hole). Le sigh. On the bright side, the baking is done and mostly in the freezer awaiting distribution to people who are not me.

This weeks plan:
  • Journal every day, except for Christmas.
  • Don't worry about what I eat on Christmas (don't binge either, just eat normally).
  • At the Christmas parties, don't have chips/cookies until after you've had fruits/vegetables.
So there you have it. Still trying to get below 250 so I can start running again. I miss running. When I retire I'm moving somewhere where I can run year-round.
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Let's get the bad news out of the way first. I weigh 259 pounds - the heaviest I've been since I joined Weight Watchers the first time. I could get all depressed about that, but I've decided that isn't going to help. I'm not particularly happy about it, but I'll cope.

Right now I'm focusing on the new Weight Watchers program which got rolled out this week. I had no idea that they were doing this, so it wasn't part of my decision to return this week. I'll take it as good timing though.

Daily and weekly points allowances have changed. They're both on the order of 7/5 larger. My gut feeling is that the point values for foods are on the same order. That is, if you can't calculate the new points total, but you know the old points total, multiplying it by 7/5 is probably a decent approximation.

So what is the new formula? They don't tell you. Instead they have a listing of about 700 foods in the new booklet with the new points values listed. They also encourage you to buy the new calculator (which is discounted this month). They are coming out with iPhone/Android/Blackberry apps soon, so that's probably the route I'll go. It also encourages me to get off my ass and buy my Android one of these days. I'm waiting until the new year though.

In the mean time, WW might not tell you what the formula is, but I can show you this formula I found online. I have no idea how accurate it is:

The biggest change is that (non-starchy) fruits and vegetables are now zero points across the board. No more two point bananas, of the weirdness of carrots being zero points raw and one point cooked. This change is probably for psychological rather then mathematical reasons. Realistically, a banana does have protein, carbohydrates, fat and fibre, so you could plug the numbers into the above formula and get a points value. However, a healthy diet includes more fruits and vegetables, and this is the easiest way to encourage people to eat them. Only a pathological over-eater is going to pound back a hundred apples in a day, and if you're that person, you've got problems that Weight Watchers is not equipped to solve. I recommend therapy. Normal people will increase their consumption of fruits and vegetables and this will displace some candy bars, which can only improve matters.

I'm not sure I buy the new formula's rational (they say it's more accurate, I cynically suspect it improves Weight Watcher's bottom line), but I'm willing to be convinced. On a personal level, that means giving it a good solid try for long enough to have decent data. Realistically, it'll take a year to lose this weight if I don't backslide. Which means I might not look like a giant slug on my next birthday. I look forward to being light enough for women to be willing to touch me. Step one, follow the program this week.

The real downside to weighing 259 (aside from the obvious) is that I know from experience that running above 250 is begging for an injury. So no running for now. There will, however, be a lot of walking. I walked to work this morning, and I plan on walking home. That's 5 (new) points, which is equivalent to a bottle of beer. If walking to and from work is equivalent to a beer, I know I made the right decision when I bought my house - the distance is perfect.

Encouragement is appreciated.
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I just found out that my local comic shop (Words & Pictures on the University of Calgary campus) is closing. This isn't Earth-shattering (they have another store that's quasi-near where the Barony holds its monthly tavern), but it is damned inconvenient.

It leads to a fairly serious question: Do I want to keep buying comics? At this point, I'm getting more enjoyment out of a few titles that are routinely bundled into collections (Irredeemable, The Boys, Invincible, Ultimate Spider-Man). In fact, I mostly don't buy the monthly comics for my favorites - I just wait for the collections. A lot of the comics I'm buying monthly are completely forgettable.

I suspect I've been buying monthly comics habitually for a long time now. It's a drag on resources, but does give me a regular thing to do on a weekly basis. That being the case, I'm leaning heavily towards just quitting. I'll grab collections when I see them, and just keep a piece of paper in my wallet (or an app on the Android I plan on getting soonish) to keep track of what I have and what I want.

In other news, I'm trip planning again. If I decide to go to the Estrella War, I should probably buy my plane tickets soon. They've already started rising in cost and the event is two months away. I'll wait until the next council meeting and see who else is going and if I can get people to take key pieces of my camp (namely my tent, bedroll and archery gear). Given the last person I asked has subsequently lost their vehicle, that might make my decision for me.

In long range planning, I might run two half-marathons next year: The Royal Victoria and the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas, which gives me an excuse to visit my left-coast friends and engage in some debauchery.

Tomorrow I rejoin Weight-Watchers. I'm very afraid of seeing how much weight I've gained - it's sure to be an epic fail. But it must be done, since not being a member isn't doing me any good.
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According to the BMI, I'm no longer obese - I'm now merely overweight. Still have a long way to go though. 205 is where I want to be and I'm at 244.

And let's not get into that whole "the BMI is a lie" BS.
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Taking a page from other folks, I'm going to do a standardized update for those occasions when I don't have anything noteworthy to say.

I had toast. It was crunchy... )
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Today I was bad - I didn't run when I was supposed to. Instead I dawdled in the morning.

But then I was good - I got off my ass and went for a 50 minute run anyway.

But I was bad this whole week - aside from a run today and a run on Saturday, I didn't get any exercise, and it being Halloween, I gave into temptation and ate 349.5 little candy bars (I counted).

But I was good - I went to this morning's Weight Watchers meeting anyway (after finishing my run, cleaning up and getting ready for work) and ended up losing 1.4 pounds!

But that was because I was bad - I cheated something awful: Didn't rehydrate after my run, skipped breakfast until after the meeting, wore really light clothing.

But that means I'll be good today - my weight is down so my mood is up! When my mood is up, I follow the program better. Depression is what kills me time and time again.

Of course, I was then bad coming to work after the weigh-in. I remembered I had a morning meeting and I was late for it. I broke some or all of the highway traffic act getting to work. I shouldn't have even been driving since I want to walk or take transit all the time. There I was speeding down Crowchild Trail with one hand on the wheel and one hand on my chicken sandwich (that was originally meant for lunch, but has now become breakfast). It turns out the meeting is tomorrow.

I'm feeling supremely cocky today for no good (or bad) reason. I think I'm going to get a lot accomplished. Which is good since my inbox has about a dozen fires that need putting out.

Goal for the week: Be good. And also be bad, where "bad" is part of "bad ass" or "bad boy". The bad boys always get the girls - that's good right?
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In an effort to show a loss (of weight) when I should have had a gain, I went to my morning weigh-in at Weight Watchers this morning. I also went jogging this morning and went to the meeting immediately afterward (i.e I was still sweaty and out of breath when I stood on the scale). I figure this was cheating for three reasons:
  1. It was in the morning before I had breakfast - you generally weigh less in the morning then in the evening.
  2. I wasn't wearing pants.
  3. I was somewhat dehydrated.
On the other hand, I did lose 3 pounds. I figure about two of that was the lack of food/water/denim in and around my body. That leaves 1 pound of real weight-loss. Yay me!

Is that a cheat? My loss was artificially enhanced by timing. Conversely, I went for a hell of a run this morning (8km in 50 minutes) so I'm being a good boy. I'll take it, just like I'll take the occasional lucky shot in archery. The true test is whether I keep it off over the next week. I'm feeling pretty damn confident that I will, even if I do plan on indulging in some nachos tomorrow tonight at the Hop in Brew.
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I've got so many things to do today that I really shouldn't be wasting time posting. I'll compromise with myself and keep it short.

I'm going to Whipping Winds, an SCA event in Shelby Montana, in a few hours. Folks have been raving about it for years and I'm looking forward to it. The 33C temperature? Not so much. Knock about 10C off that and I'll be happy. The car is packed an all I need to do is hit a store and grab some bread, jerky, pop-tarts, water and I'm set. I'll grab my booze and ice in Shelby.

Lost 0.4 pounds this week, putting me at 6.4 pounds down. [livejournal.com profile] minyata joined me. Apparently everyone else has abandoned me to go to a NE meeting with cooler people. *pout*.

I ran today. This shouldn't be noteworthy except I was going to go (and posted to Facebook about it) and then I changed my mind because of lateness and laziness. Then I looked at Facebook again to see that LB had clicked "like" on my earlier status. Guilt propelled me off my ass and out for a run.

I was planning to run for 35 minutes or so. This is less then what I was supposed to do on my schedule, but I figured better that then nothing at all. In the end I ran the whole 54 minutes. Of course, I got to work 30 minutes late, but it's a Friday and I was only planning on working a half day anyway.

[livejournal.com profile] conejita_diabla and I went to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince last night. The director (and possibly the screenwriter) did a really half-assed job of it. Cuts were choppy, it dragged in a lot of places and several key plot-points and reveals were botched. Conversely, the acting was very good. I haven't decided if this is because the three principles (Radcliff, Grint and Watson) are good actors or if they simply inhabit these characters very well. I suspect the former, because they've all been getting favorable reviews for their non-HP projects and they've been hanging around with the big names of British film and stage since they were tweens.
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I mostly journalled, and I mostly exercised and I mostly stayed within my points. I wasn't 100% effective at any of it, but that doesn't matter - I still lost another pound. Now to do better next week.

And where the hell was everyone at the meeting? Some of you have excuses due to closer meetings, but not everyone. You know who you are.
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So I went to Weight Watchers for my post-Quad weigh-in. I ate lots, I drank lots, I didn't journal and I spent two days in a car eating snack food and sitting on my ass.

I was down 1 pound. Total pounds down since I restarted: 5 (which puts me below 250). I get a sticker next week when I actually stick around for the meeting. Yay!

I must have burned a ton of calories while out camping. This is not surprising in and of itself, I'm just shocked it completely offset the calorie intake.

Back on the wagon this week. Plus I need to start running again. I haven't done so in over a week. and I don't want to backslide.
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  • Lost four pounds at weigh-in yesterday. That's a damn good start. Apparently following the program like you're supposed to actually works! Who knew?
  • Shopping around for dishwashers. I'd have probably bought one over lunch, but the FS salespeople were busy and couldn't answer my questions. I'll try again after work tonight.
  • Silverwolf archery being at 2pm Saturday, I think I'll go. I'll aim to get there around noon, which should give me a chance to pitch my tent, get changed into garb, and shoot a few practice ends. Afterwards, there will be drinking.
  • I'm debating going for my Sunday run in Warburg. Probably I'll just do it in the afternoon when I get back to Cowtown.
  • The Saturday after that (that is, June 20th), I'll be holding a garage sale. Come buy my junk buried treasure.
  • I got my bonus from work, so I'll be setting aside a chunk of that for Estrella/Vegas/Cuba. I'm still hoping someone will join me in Cuba.
  • Still waiting on the crossbars for the car. Hopefully I can get everything installed prior to T&A War/Vancouver, which is the two weekends (T&A war: June 26-28. Vancouver: June 29-July 5) after the garage sale.
  • Next week is my penultimate meeting as deputy seneschal. Last I checked we have only the one applicant. On the bright side, he's pretty good.


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