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Let's pretend for a moment that I was a professional illusionist. I have a trick I want to show you that involves my garage.
"Behold," I say, "inside my garage is a green Ferrari."
I open the door and my garage is sadly empty.
"Hmm. I must have messed up something - let me try again. Abracadabra - a red Ferrari."
On closer inspection there does appear to be stuff in my garage. Camping gear mostly, some junk, but definitely no vehicles.
"Green and red didn't work. I guess it must be blue. Alakazam, feast your eyes on my blue Ferrari."
My garage remains devoid of sports cars.
"A yellow MG?"

Now how long would this charade have to continue before you concluded that the problem wasn't the colour it was that the trick didn't work at all? And also that I was a piss-poor illusionist.

In unrelated news, the end of the world has been rescheduled for October 21st.
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Here's a lighter story to ever-so-slightly contrast the rampaging reduction in Woman's Reproductive Rights that's underway in the United States:

Here in Calgary the Kensington Clinic is beside a playground. That and assorted ordinances means that protesters must stay a certain distance away from the premises and they can't have more then four people protesting at one time. IANAL, so take my description of the legal rules with a grain of salt.

Anyway, there's a nation-wide anti-abortion protest going on right now (coinciding with Lent I think - and isn't sacrificing other people's rights for Lent kind of missing the point) so they've had protesters out in force. Seven protesters (four adults, three children) were out, which violates the rules.

So the clinic manager goes out to tell them to knock it off. The lead protester objects, saying "the children don't count, they're not people".

Anyway, just a story I heard third-hand that made me chuckle.
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Anti-Olympic protests force 2010 torch relay to divert in Victoria

Because of course all that money would have spent on your cause if they didn't have an Olympics.

Protesting is your right - just like it's my right to point out that you're being a bunch of assholes.
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Council would have been smooth and short and uneventful, except the troll decided to show up and wave his dick around. And that's all it was really - an exercise in getting everyone worked up for no other reason then he could. If it wasn't the perfectly reasonable pet policy, then it would have been something else.

Unfortunately it's now exploded into a barrage of policy suggestions designed to reign in a fractured, possibly hostile council meeting. All completely unnecessary of course because the only person causing council to be fractured and hostile is him.

Oh well. I'm confident that the forces of good will prevail, because trolls have short attention spans and bullies eventually go after easier targets.
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Turned on CNN and managed to miss all the good bits of the inauguration. I did see Dick Cheney being wheeled out to a limo. According to the media, he's been off the radar for awhile and managed to injure his back when moving out of his office.

I was wondering why moving out of your office would take so long and why someone as high up as the Vice President would be doing his own lifting. Then I realized, if I had that many records to shred to keep from being sent to prison for war crimes, I'd want to do it myself. That takes time and effort.


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