Feb. 23rd, 2011 11:00 am
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Many years ago, the was a fad amongst my friends to "buy souls" (generally with the faux "hell bucks" that you can get around Chinese New Years). Often times the buyer would start out by saying "let's see if you really believe in a soul", which I always thought was the wrong question. I never sold mine - when asked I pointed out that it would be fraud to sell something I don't have.

Anyway, how about the rest of you?

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Dump Stats

Jan. 21st, 2011 03:36 pm
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There's a "What are your D&D Stats" meme making its way around Facebook. I'm not too motivated to do it for a couple of reasons: Mostly I don't like how you have to show the meme creators your underwear drawer and your little black book simultaneously, but mostly because I think the meme is poorly designed. It did get me thinking about statistics and what is charmingly called the dump stat - the one stat you steal points from to make your character better in ways that are more important to you.
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While lying in bed last night I realized that I only use half my bed and that for most of my adult life, I've used the same side. This leads to me rotating the mattress every few months to keep the wear even. I even arrange new rooms (or my tent/cot combo while camping) to follow the same pattern. About the only time I don't follow it is if I'm sharing a hotel room - then I'll usually want the bed closest to the door and I'll use the side of the bed farthest from my roommate.

So I thought I'd see if there was any pattern to this - i.e. if we pick up how our parents sleep and unconsciously mimic it. It's a crackpot hypothesis, but that's what LJ polls are for!

Answer honestly - don't use that one time in 1997 when you slept on the left side of the bed to suggest that you use both sides evenly. I'm interested in preferences, not examples of OCD.

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I've got a post brewing in my mind about peerages and other SCA awards. I'm looking for some feedback on the perceived amount of effort required for awards. I'm not looking for comments yet (which is why comments are disabled), just some numbers.

Caveat: My own internal idea of what is required disqualifies myself, so I'm not using this as a way to whine about how poorly done by I am in the SCA. I've actually been remarkably well recognized, which both mystifies and gladdens me.

One last thing, when I talk about effort, I mean effort applied to the thing that you would be recognized for, not effort to become a peer for peerage-sake.

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Jun. 16th, 2010 11:02 am
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Touchdown Jesus, aka Big Butter Jesus burned down the other day. It turns out that when you build a giant fiberglass structure in an area with frequent lightning storms, the laws of physics don't change just because the structure resembles your religious icon.

Or maybe God was sending a message regarding the worshiping of icons. Whatever. Apparently there's a Hustler store across the street and it wasn't so much as singed. Make of that what you will. Fred Clark has some stuff to say about it over at Slacktivist. The comments are pretty good too. Go waste a few minutes in there, you won't be disappointed.
Yet another reason why James is going to hell.... )

Anyway, I got to thinking about this and I was reminded of the WWJD meme (What Would Jesus Do - a statement meant to remind the devote to remember the important things about Christ's teachings). Not a bad way of doing things, even if you don't accept Jesus' divinity (which I don't). Which leads me to a fluffy poll. Be funny, thoughtful or contrary. it's all good.

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Any thoughts on unisex bathrooms (i.e. nothing but stalls and sinks, no urinals, and the stalls have a higher degree of privacy then currently prevalent to thwart peeping toms)?
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It always amazes me when people are convinced that the government is out to get them while simultaneously believing that corporations and lobbyists have their best interests at heart.

Why is it that people toggle between "too paranoid" and "not paranoid enough" while never seeming to stop in-between.

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Here's what he looks like currently... )
---Late edit---
I'm a little disturbed by the fact that [ profile] garething and [ profile] sagaciouslu want to see Elias in the nude. Probably not as disturbed as [ profile] stephtopia and [ profile] conejita_diabla though.
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Yes, there's probably a high degree of overlap between some of the categories.

Choosing not to play means that the Djinni will kill the 10% of the world most like you. Djinn are a vicious fuckers - that's why we stuff their asses into wee bottles.


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