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Taking a page from other folks, I'm going to do a standardized update for those occasions when I don't have anything noteworthy to say.

I had toast. It was crunchy... )
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I ran the HSBC 10K road race this morning.

I wasn't going to run in it originally, but I mentioned it to a friend on Friday night and he asked if I was going to do it. Rather then flat out say no, I opted to say "we'll see how I feel Saturday". Of course, Saturday I ended up walking around the neighborhood checking out garage sales. I figure if I'm fit enough for that, I can do a 10k road race.

The morning started with a tiny adventure after which I wandered down to the train station in what I hoped would be sufficient time to get to the race.

I had a wee bit of weird (not good, not bad) luck getting there. The NE train to Bridgeland was late and it got me (and about 200 other runners) there two minutes before the race started. We were all about 200 meters away when the gun went off, and we all reached the start line just as the people at the back of the pack reached it. So the luck was "bad" in the sense that we were late, but also "good" in that it didn't really cost anyone anything (plus I hate waiting around for a race to start - this was ideal for me).

I was prepared to do a 2.5min run / 2.5min walk cycle (which is what I'm doing in training this week, but I ended up doing a 5.5min run / 2min walk cycle instead. And I'm not even feeling too bad physically (though we'll see how I feel after wandering around the Lilac Festival for a few hours). I'm looking forward to tonight's soak in the Banff hot springs.

Finishing time according to my watch was on the order of 68 minutes. We'll see what my actual time is in a few days when they publish the results.

There were no bananas at the end of the race? WTF? I did get a cool short-bus medallion for finishing though.

This gives me 15/40 km towards one of my Mission 101 goals!
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...In to lose pounds.

There is to be an SCA invasion of the Wednesday evening Weight Watchers meeting next week. A bunch of us were decrying our current unacceptable fitness levels so we decided to go back into it together.

Realistically, this will be my second time joining. I quit a few months ago and I've been in denial about that ("I haven't quit, I'm just taking a break" That's lasted several months), so this is a good way of getting back into it.

Another good way is to set a goal. My goal is to compete in the Royal Victoria Half-marathon this year (I competed in 2007). So I've registered in the race this morning.

Now to actually be able to do this, I have to train, and train pretty hard. I'm currently in week 5 of the 13 week course to enable me to run 10k non-stop. 1/2 marathons are a hair over 22k, so I need to finish this program and immediately start on the training for 1/2 marathons. I only have 19 weeks so that leaves me with 11 weeks for training up to the next level. It'll be cutting it rather fine, but I've done this before.

Anyone else who wants to join us in our WW invasion next Wednesday, let me know (or just show up - Wednesday, 6:30pm @ Sunbow Professional Centre 1430 19 Avenue NW).

And hey, if anyone wants to join me for a wee 22k run in Victoria in October, let me know.
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Not much this month. I need to reread my list more often to remind myself what I'm supposed to be doing.


32. Compete in a non-SCA archery tournament.
I wrote about that here.
In Progress:

47. Write at least one major, non-crunchy-toast LJ-post biweekly in 2009.

56. Go to at least one movie a month during 2009.59. Go to see live theatre four times in 2009.78. Buy a new Netbook to replace Cutieee.
Cutieee has been sold and replaced by Atomiq.
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About a month ago I was seriously looking into going to the Estrella War. I concluded at the time that I was just a little short of both time and money.

Time was an issue because I only have a few vacation days left before April (when they recycle). Money was an issue because I was still in debt and hadn't found a renter for the house.

Well I missed the pre-registration deadline for the war, so I can't get onto the site before Tuesday. This gives me a day. Along with my remaining vacation and maybe a flex day, I should just be able to afford the time for the event and the after-party in Vegas.

This would cross two things off my Mission 101 list!

That leaves money. Because it's going to be tight with the time, I'll need to fly. Last time I checked, airfare into Phoenix was on the order of $200-$300. Airfare out of Las Vegas was similar. Basically I'd be spending about $600 minimum to travel. I just checked and I can get into Phoenix for $114 and out of Las Vegas for $99. With tax, I'm looking at about $300, which is what I've been paying to go to Vancouver the last few years.

I've also gained a roommate ([livejournal.com profile] thebrucie), so that ups my monthly income enough that I can pay the trip off in months instead of years.

A lot still needs to fall into place though. I need to:
  • convince my boss to let me go that week. Should be OK if I can get my current project done.
  • get a ride from Phoenix to the site (about an hour drive, or so they tell me) on Tuesday (probably 11-ish 7pm-ish).
  • arrange transport from the site to Vegas. This could be as simple as a car ride, or it could involve flying from Phoenix to Vegas (which is thankfully cheap, but I still have to get to PHX).
  • get someone to transport my camping gear & garb to and from the site. I'd rather not be wandering around a couple of airports with two duffle-bags worth of gear.
It'll all be a mad scramble tomorrow because I'm not sure how long my "cheap flight" window will be. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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All righty, time to get back up on that horse.

Starting this on January 1, 2009. End date is September 29, 2011.

On to the rules and the goals... )
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A Litany of FAIL... )
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Not much to report. Got into Vancouver and was met by [livejournal.com profile] somejauntypolka, [livejournal.com profile] chris9871, [livejournal.com profile] bognaustroglum (and possibly [livejournal.com profile] pale_pink and [livejournal.com profile] neonknight69 if I've guessed their tags correctly). We went to Charlie Don't Surf, a restaurant I've wanted to check out for a dog's age, but couldn't because White Rock is stupidly far from Vancouver-proper.

Charlie Don't Surf was, underwhelming. Nothing bad about it per se, but it wasn't anything special. Just your standard pub, selling your standard pub-fare.

Oh, and I felt fine all day - no soreness from the race, just a little bit of minor fatigue. I still availed myself of my hosts' jacuzzi tub.

Until the next morning that is - I could barely move when I woke up. Naturally I spent the day walking around, visiting my usual haunts. It was the sort of day where I'd have been a little sore for all the walking even if I hadn't ran for 2:05:06 (and that's the official time folks!). Ugh.

Eventually we all met up again for homemade thanksgiving dinner! Thanks C for doing all the work - it was delicious.

And now, the jacuzzi tub calls my name.
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Cause I needed to see if I'd done anything worthwhile in the last three months.


52. Have a meal at Tojo's in Vancouver.
55. Make doughnuts using Dad's recipe.

It's a little annoying that the only accomplished goals in the last few months have been related to eating.

In Progress:

57. Go to at least one movie a month for a year.Well I blew this one in December, so I get to start over in January. Feh.
61. Start gaming Call of Cthulhu again.
89. Research single's vacations.
91. Friend (in an LJ sense) ten complete strangers. (going slower then I hoped, because I want to friend interesting people)

The complete list is here.
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Stuff I've done in the last three months:

14. Start and finish my Java I course (CMPP-236). Just finished last Thursday.
21. Reassemble and sell/donate the P3/800 sitting in pieces on the office floor. Sold it at the Montengarde garage sale.
76. Finish Sheldon's DVDs.

In Progress:

18. Get my "Object Oriented Java Certificate of Achievement". I've done 3/6 courses now!
31. Rebuild the shelving in the garage. 9/12 done now.
32. Run 100K during races (i.e. ten-10k races, but it could mean more shorter runs or less longer runners, so long as the total is 100k). The Breast Cancer run added five to the total. The Royal Victoria 8K was a total pooch screw though. I'm still recovering from that debacle.
57. Go to at least one movie a month for a year. September: The Illusionist, October: Man of the Year.


34. Ride the bike to and from work two days a week during the summer of 2006. Missed a few weeks this year so I'll try again next year.
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It would be a monthly update, but I'm lazy.

7 more done (for a grand total of 20). Progress made on 5 more. 1 failure... )
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Stuff I've done in May (aside from the ones struck out in my original post):

65. Send in my 2005 taxes (which are only three weeks late and I owe money #@$^%).
84. Buy my next Macintosh notebook (which will use an Intel chip) entirely with change I have collected for this task. Almost, I used $1219.23 from change and the difference was made up with the money I got selling my old laptop.
98. Put the Christmas decorations away sometime before next Christmas.

Stuff I'm currently working on:

31. Rebuild the shelving in the garage. I've built 4 or the 12 shelves. Need to shuffle my sister's crap away from one wall to do some more.
54. Find a recipe for Lobster Cheesecake and make it. I've found a recipe, now I just have to make it.
57. Go to at least one movie a month for a year. You'd think this would be easy for me, but my movie-mojo has been drying up dammit. Saw Poseidon and X3.
59. Finish watching Jeremiah Season 1. Watched four more episodes while cat sitting at the apartment of [livejournal.com profile] garething and [livejournal.com profile] stephtopia.
64. Send surreal postcards to complete strangers in ten different countries. I've got three ready to mail.

Complete list here.
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101 Goals in 1001 Days.

Kiped from [livejournal.com profile] rato_do_perigo

I actually started this on March 1, 2006 with the end date being my 41st birthday on November 25, 2008. That's why some of the goals have already been completed.

On to the rules and the goals... )
The Goals )


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