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R and I were expecting the only people at tha hop to be Joel raeding in a cornler. Turns out there were lots of folks at the Hop tonight and we even got to know the crawsuy servers a litlt.e

As you can tell from my complete lack of havnd eyd contelr, I' m a little drunkg. This tis due to the combingatin of quick dringking and an inductrial pale ale called "Loki". Good stuf..

So I was dangerously close to flirtying with K and K tonight, but managed to control myself. Alas, it would hvae been fund.

In other newes,, drinkig is EXPENSIVe for weight swather points THe only realsin I didn't go even more over was the fact that I skipped supper, Of course, haveing Sorrenti's cater for both work and the theatre didnt' help. Still, I tracked it all and I have a nive long week to do beeter, so I'm not too worried.
Hlel, I',,m down ten pounds from t he beginning of the year. Confessed my negative thoughts at the meeting and discovered that severa of the women there had the wxact same probelm! I am not alone.

Hee, kind of amourous right now, with no exceptible targets. Oh well, maybe next time. Or maybe in Vancouver if I decide to treat myself to a quicky trip (not a quicky, just ad quicky trip, though a quicky would be nive too). Nothing to do for it except pass out. Drinking on a thursdau pretty much means I have Fridauy off, so tomorrow is a late wakeup followd by some minopre chores.,

Good neingtr!
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I mY BW DRUNK. and I may bw hitting the caps lock key accidentally. also other keys accidentally. I just got an pleanstn drive home from the wonderful Nerrisa and the ever-entertaining Tamara.

The occasion was Rosie's birthday, which is kind of why I'm drunkposting, i't s a traditionl you see!

The day was long but ever entertaining, beginnign with a trip to Mallszck to look for suitthaat we (me) ultimateluy purchased at Chinnok cetner and Derks. (I had to double check that I spelled Derks correctly, yet strangely I/m stil not sure). Megan, Wentdy and Ryan helped out with both my lack of taste and my lack of ability to deal with salespeple. Some where good (the guy in Malzac), some where good, yet strangely creepuy (the place in Chinnok), and then there was the cute, tall, readhead. My friends claimed that she was flirting with me, an assertion I would like to beleive, but found no evidence in.

In the end I got most of a good suit out for my effort. The rest will involve special ordersamd alterations.

After that I took a short nap andthenwenet p Rosie's for her birthday party. It was fun and we mostly discussed assorted people sex lives, sometimes for fun and sometimes by accident. It was risque and funny and I think everyone had a good time, even if the ot was at some people ex[ensee( but we ment it in fun).

I also gottp introduce frineds to some aweome suchi, got some pocky for my troubles, and I STILL have some chocolate for tomorrow (todya really, but it won't reel likd tomorrow until I 'v ehad some slleep).

My head is rocking back and forth, and I find that I'm babbling, which might be a sign that I've had a WEE bit too mcuhe to dringk. Perhaps it's time for bed. Goodlnight everyone,don't let the bed buffallos bite!s
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I stopped drinking an hou r ago and I'm still aunbelievalbley drunk. Multilel people tried to give me completely uneneccessary therapy but I contentd that my self esteem is just good judgement. I will admit my judgement (in the hsotr term) is a little imparied. But in the long term, it's perfectly resaontbal.. Anyway, I may need to sleppe tpo te crack of noon tomorrosw. After which I think a run, some yard work , an d a trip to Banff for a muchneeded soak in the oht springs is in order.

Good night everyone,
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The polling was a sucess despite my inhernent ability toscre w thing s up. Eveytehyr ht wen dt good and the bake sale that wen ta llong with it raises enoguht money to offset the costs of part of it. Also I got to hang out with lots of cool folks so that was OK.

As you might gather from my ideisyncracti spelling that I'm drunk. fsI figure I dserve to have few dringk s on account of my successufly organizing of the polling.

It'll be awhile before I hear the results, but I'd be srprised if 'thuk and Wilma weren't acclai,med.. But what do I know?

Afterwards, I went with [livejournal.com profile] minyata (accomponied by [livejournal.com profile] cat_cetera) to her company Xmas party. [livejournal.com profile] garething and [livejournal.com profile] stephtopia joined. Also we met CV there, who is also an electrician , alng with G. We specualted on some of the c;assic cars that were at the venue (Gasoline Alley at Heritage Park) - specifiacally my cunning plan:

1) get agirlfriend who is into Edwardian Cosplay.
2) BReak into GAsoline Alley and find 1915 car that looks just like the Renault that sank on Titanic.
3) recreate the "jack and Rose Consumate their relationship" scene from Titanic.


Eventually we all realzed that none o fus ewant ed to be at a company Christmas prty and we all want d to drink our faces off andplaey Rockband. So we went bwck to my plac.e

We started drinking. but te Televeision was in use so wer had a nice conversation about sex toys, fantsy novels appropriate fo r 11-ear olds (not simultanelusly) and the unfortunately implications of being abandoned in SOutherna Cliforna.


I cn do better then this:L As I'll demonstrate:
"Extinct Pleistocene Megafauna"
A! I can spell, if I concentrate.

Back to thge narriative,.

The conversation was plesant, but we had some trouel (owing to a PS3 System update) getting started. People began drifting off,. Then it was fnished and we decided to play a few sets, which was fun.

Now I'm posting drunk for no real reaons. The demons and my ego are battling in my brain. Trying to decide ifI'm, cool or not. "I think your cool" says [livejournal.com profile] conejita_diabla. Awwww. Weirdly I don't vcare who whins. I'm just drunk and happy and if I wasn't so tired, I go for an ill-advicsed jog. I love feeling this way and it's hard to actuallyu pull it off. Probaly blew ay chance f hitting my ewihgt goal this week, but who cares.

And now they're back to playing WoW. I could keep going, expressinga all kinds of deep dark secrets, but I own't - mostly becayuse I'm getting drinker. [livejournal.com profile] stephtopia explained a mechains tof his, so I have no realy cohoice but to believe her.

Plans for the week:

1) Skull Island Superherose tomorrow. Might inclued Gnsters.

2) Tuesday night I plan on drinking at the Hpo in Brww.

3) My sohort vacation starts. Wednesday. I'm thinking afternoon trip to Banff (DAMMIT) whith a luch at the Bison Cafe and a soak in the hot springs. Dinner at Cheese Cake Cafe south here in Cowtown.,

4) SCA tavern.

5) Coronet ont he weekend!

Sp yeha, I'm feelin pretty good right now.l Hopefully I'll remember to rn tomorrow, since s kieppled today.

Ok, TIREd and drunk now. Godd night everyone. Post a reply if you know womeone who thinlks I', m sexy. Cause I need a litttle validatins.
Validation even.
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I've had three Smirnoff Ices. I may be just a wee bit loaded.

Just FYI.


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