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I'm actually feeling pretty good overall.  I've started running again, and the short runs I've had have not taxed me in any way.  I'm not short of breath running, I'm not particularly sore in the minutes/hours/days after.  I've been consistently riding my bike to work (we moved in at the beginning of May, and I've yet to drive to work except to pick my bike up when I accidentally ripped the stem out of the front tube).  In short, I'm getting plenty of exercise.

I've also be buckling down on Weight Watchers.  Still not tracking anywhere near 100% (or even 70%), but I have been eating better.  i've cut down on treats, but I still have them. My meals are healthy-ish since I'm eating my greens.  I've been back for about six months now and I'm down 23 pounds.  I'm officially no longer obese, according to the BMI - merely overweight now.

Short aside about WW.  I mentioned I was on it at [livejournal.com profile] wild_wanderer's birthday party and some dude and I had the following exchange:

"I don't believe in Weight Watchers."
"It exists, I assure you. I've been to the meetings."

Most of all, my physique has had a subtle change.  Where once my belly stood out and hanged down, now it merely stands out.  I haven't dropped a pants size or anything, but everything is fitting better.  This was remarked upon by [personal profile] yainga who noticed that my kilt was fitting much nicer. Thanks Inga, I noticed it too!

My Plantar Fasciitis seems to be all better now.  Six months of physiotherapy and not carrying around an extra frozen turkeys-worth of mass seems to have finally fixed that.  Also, my knees are noticeably less creaky.

Oh, and I just checked my blood pressure at one of those pharmacy kiosks.  It is normal.  Given it was sky-high a year ago, I'll take it.

Finally, I'll be interviewing with a doctor sometime this month about getting into their regular practice and starting regular checkups.  With luck I won't need the simvastatin I haven't been taking.

Physically, I'm doing pretty good for a guy who's pushing 50.  Woot.

My financial situation is excellent. House paid off; a nice little nest egg building up; and I just exercised a stock option that should give me a nice windfall soon.  Some SAIT students drew up some plans for a laneway house which I'm considering.  It's low odds now until I get some other feedback, but it was nice to see that it was possible.  If I don't go through with it, I might downsize to a townhouse, or keep my current place and do some renovations.  My neighbour just sold her place, so I have a pretty good idea what my place would sell for.  I'm not ready to retire, but it's starting to look like I could.  Being a Gen-Xer, I honestly thought that they'd cart me out of work in a pine box.

Mentally, I'm in a decent place.  Not ideal, but an ideal mental state requires things I don't have, so I'll take decent.  Work has been well paying and is somewhat rewarding.  I'm looking forward to my next big vacation next month (Vegas/Vancouver/Nelson). I mostly keep the existential angst and loneliness at bay with good cognitive-behavioral training.

So there you have it. Everything is looking up.  *knocks on wood*

Date: 2017-06-19 05:12 pm (UTC)
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You look awesome :)

And so happy everything is looking up!


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