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Today is Pi(e) day - which we celebrate because March 14th can be represented as 3.14. Presumably we take a moment to reflect on the irrational perfection of pi at 1:59, because 3.14159~. Though I was sleeping at two in the morning, so that didn't happen.

March 14th is also noteworthy for being Potato Chip day, Learn About Butterflies day (aka Moth-er's Day), Science Education day (though I think that's every day), Legal Assistance day, Crowdfunding day, Organize Your Home Office day, and International Ask a Question day. Who came up with that last one?

Every year seems to bring a new reason to celebrate some random day because of the Internet. At first it was Talk Like a Pirate day (September 19th), then Kiss a Ginger day (January 12th). The Star Wars pair, May the Fourth (be with you) and Revenge of the Sixth (of May) have been added.

The latest seems to be Nintendo day, celebrated on Mar 10th, because Mar10 looks like Mario. This was the first year I've heard of it.

Sometimes they have really good causes, like Pink Shirt day (last Wednesday in February) to but a spotlight on the negative effects of bullying. Or International Women's day (March 8th), who's reason for being should be self evident. Or not, if you're the sort of person who hears that and immediately gets indignant and asks why there isn't an International Men's day. It's November 19th, BTW.

In addition to being π day, it's also Steak and a Blowjob day (because romantic dinner and flowers day was a month previous). That was all over the Internet a few years back, but now seems to have vanished. I suspect because that joke is funny once, then starts to seem a little desperate if you harp on it year after year. I may be guilty of that myself.

I wonder if the joke would have died on it's own, or if Pi day did it. I suspect it supplanted it precisely because S&BJ day has a limited audience. Anyone can celebrate Pi day, and more importantly, help the idea spread virally on the Internet. Your teenage son might joke about S&BJ day among his friends, but if he makes a public Facebook post about it, you're likely to have a word with him about inappropriate humour. And let's face it, it's a joke that appeals to our inner-teenage-boy, which makes promoting it troublesome. No such problem with pie. Everyone loves pie.

Mmmm, pie.


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