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At lunch today, a friend asked me for my recommendations for meals in Banff. So here are nine (couldn't come up with ten unless I really stretched) recommendations for places to eat/spend quality time with friends. I've limited it to places that I've been to in the last ten years.

1) Three Ravens (at the Banff Centre).

I'm listing this one first, because it's my favourite for high-end dining. The food is superb; the service excellent without being obsequious; and the view can't be beat. Go on a clear summer evening and you'll have a panorama view of pretty much every inch of Banff, from the Banff Springs Hotel to Mt. Norquay. Here's a photo to tempt you:
Fillet of duck Bordelaise maitre d'butter. Yum-yum. Duck polonaise under glass. Mmm-mm. - Bugs Bunny

2) Maple Leaf Grill (Banff Avenue at Caribou street in the King Edward).

Lots of Canadiana here, from the points blankets on the walls to the well cooked game in half the entrees, this is a good solid choice if you don't want to hike halfway up a mountain. If you like bacon, or caesar salads, make sure you order theirs.

3) The Bison (Bear street).

The Bison and the Maple Leaf grill are sisters and it shows. They're very similar. I find that this is the more casual of the two. Great food and decent patio. Also some unique treats, like their breakfast pizza:
As with a lot of things of this nature, it wasn't as good as the sum of its parts

4) Banff Avenue Brewing Co. (Banff Avenue at Clock Tower mall).

Hanging out with friends for a few drinks and some philosophy? Go to Banff Avenue Brewing. Hipster snacks, nice entrees and probably Banff's best selection of in-house beer.

5) Melissa's Missteak (Lynx street, across from the Banff Park Lodge).

Breakfast food, and lots of it. If I'm driving to Vancouver, my routine is to have breakfast here and grab the "Unmmissteakable" Bran Muffin to go - it makes a mighty fine meal on it's own.

Allegedly they're a steak-house too, but I've never been there for anything other than breakfast.

6) Eddie Burger Bar (Caribou street at Banff Avenue in the King Edward).

Order the hamburger. Trust me on this.
Bison, goat cheese, bacon - offending multiple world religions was never so tasty

7) Athena Pizza (Banff Avenue at Clock Tower mall).

Not up to a high-end dining? Need to feed a family cheap? Got young kids? Well you could go to the olde spaghetti factory, or you can go to Athena's, which is the same cost but way better. It's a family pizza place - you know what it's like.

This was also the favourite place to end a Banff field trip when I was in the UofC Geology program. That was a lifetime ago, but it might still be true.

8) Waldhaus (on the edge of the Banff Springs Hotel golf course, an easy hike down from the hotel or up from Bow Falls).

The restaurant is traditional German fare - so get your schnitzel, spƤtzle and sauerkraut here. The pub downstairs is a great place to drink a crisp cold lager after a hike to Bow Falls with friends on a hot summer's day.

9) Grizzly House (Banff avenue, north of Caribou).

This joint opened up the year I was born and the decor hasn't changed since. It's a swinging sixties joint known for it's fondue and inter-table telephones (to arrange partner swaps with). There's even telephones in the washrooms. I haven't had the Exotic Fondue Dinner yet, (shark, alligator, rattlesnake, ostrich, frogs legs, buffalo and venison), but it's on my bucket list. Easily the restaurant most likely to offend. Also the one most likely to allow you to dine in the nude - though given it's hot-oil fondue, I wouldn't recommend it for the same reason you don't cook bacon naked.

Date: 2015-02-18 08:37 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mallt.livejournal.com
You did geology?

Date: 2015-02-18 10:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mallt.livejournal.com
Rocks were not for you huh?!
If I'd known I was coming to Calgary I probably would have done geology. Mechanical engineering seemed to leave more doors open.


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